Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Joanne Susi "Work As If It Doesn't Matter"

by Joanne Susi

“Work as if it doesn’t matter.” John Gray made this statement in his book How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have.When I first read this, I wondered how I could possibly do that because I care about my work!

One day when coaching a client I realized I was so intense on the listening that nothing else around me mattered. This is what he meant! This is being in the moment and not concerned about doing.

Being vs. Doing
The concept of being vs. doing can be difficult to grasp. We think about what we want to do, but how do we just “be” as it takes not thinking. Activities that allow us to connect with our hearts and feelings help us learn how to “be."

A helpful tool is making a comfort list, things that bring joy and peace, keeping you “out of your mind!” The list may look like this:

Listening to music
Walking along the beach
Taking a warm bubble bath
Reading a great book
Listening to wind chimes
Watching candles glow
Listening to the silence
Spending time at a bookstore
Talking with friends
Watching the sunrise
Watching the sunset
Having a massage
Giving a hug
Collecting your favorite things

The more we allow ourselves time for these comforting activities, the more connected we become with our center, creating a balance within ourselves. Being in the moment is realized as pleasurable.

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