Thursday, July 22, 2010

Creating Mini Bios for Your Characters

Creating Mini Bios for your Characters.I found this in some website, I cannot recall which one, but I find it helpful and insightful

Make a list of characters you either might want to write about or have begun to write about. Three or four will do. Fill out a mini bio for each, listing the basics: age, name, marital status, family ties, occupation, appearance and general thoughts and feelings.

Now study each mini-bio, imagining that character as the star of your story. He will receive the most attention from you and the readers, the highest word count, the emotional arc (if there is one) and the climactic scene. How does the story change when you recast it?

1- What is this character's name?

2- What is her age and birth date?

3- What does she look like?

4- What is her astrological sign and does it matter to her?

5- What are her parents like?

6- Does she have brothers and sisters?

7- How important are her family relationships?

8- Where does she live ? (Urban? Small town? Rural?)

9 - Does she live in an apartment? House? What type or style?
Did she chose the residence and why?

10- Does she live by herself? With others?

11- What are her important material possessions?

12- What are her hobbies?

13- What is her education?

14- What is her job? How does she feel about her work?

15- Is this a long-term career or just a job?

16- What does she want to be doing in 20 years?

17- If she has unexpected time free time, what does she do?

18- How does she feel about the opposite sex?

19- What is her relationship status? Single? Divorced?

20- Does she have children?

21- Who is her best friend? Why?

22- Who is her worst enemy? Why?

23- How would a former date describe her?

24- What one event has made her who she is today?

25- How does that turning point in the character's life relate to the other main character in the story?

26- What trait does she have that she wants to keep secret from the world?

27- What does she like most about her life?

28- What does she dislike most about her life?

29- What would this character die to defend?

30- What are her most likable and unlikable traits?

31- As the story begins what is her main problem?

32- What does she do that makes this problem worse?

33- Who is this person's love interest?

34- What qualities in the other main character are most attractive to this person?

35- What is her ideal happy ending?

36- What reaction do you want readers to have to her?

37- Why should the reader care about her?

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