Saturday, November 22, 2008

Some of you may notice that most of this blog seems to be more about life than about one's creative process. In the past two months, I have been obsessing about where to go next with the novel I am writing. My coach has suggested the path that many writers have taken over the ages: having a strong story arc and a strong character arc. While these two things are definitely important, many great stories are being told in very unique ways these days.
As I read the Latino writers, I am see stories that do not not even seem to have a plot. Stories that make me wonder if the events happened or if they were all in the mind of the protagonist. These stories have made me more convinced that I need to tell my story in the way that I think best says what I want to say. Of course, some conventions need to be followed, BUT not all need to be followed if it is not the way to express what I want to say.
In my opinion, all these posts can also relate to the creative process. If we can learn to trust life and trust the process, not only will our lives be better, but so will our Art. And, we will definitely get a lot more done if we feel good about our own creative expression.
So, I hope that all of you are trusting the process and most of all trusting yourself IN THE PROCESS. Best of luck in your creative endeavors!

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