Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dream Catching

Mitch Ditkoff sent a message to the members of Create! Innovate! Get Out of the

Many breakthrough ideas and discoveries have come to people in dreams.

Rene Descartes got the concept for the Scientific Method in a dream. Elias Howe
came up with the final design for the lock stitch sewing machine in a dream.
August Kekule arrived at the formulation of the Benzene molecule in a dream.

In the dream state, our subconscious mind arrives at solutions that our
conscious mind is unlikely to discover no matter how much it obsesses during the
waking hours.

That’s why Thomas Edison and Salvadore Dali took naps during the day. They
understood the power of dreaming and realized it made perfect sense to wake up
MORE than once a day.

a. Before you go to bed tonight, bring to mind a project, question or challenge
you are working on.
b. As you fall asleep, stay focused on the topic.
c. When you wake up, write down your dream even if the dream makes no sense.
Don't interpret, just record the images.
d. When you're done writing, reflect on the elements/images of your dream and
see if they spark any clues about proceeding.

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