Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You a Winner or a Loser?

How to tell if you are a Winner or Loser? It's easy.

In completing the research for one of our new books, we found 4 simple traits that make it easy to spot people at both ends of the spectrum: The Winners vs. The Losers.


ABSOLUTE CLARITY: Winners know exactly what they want, and remain tirelessly focused on the actions necessary to get it. They have CLARITY of purpose... clarity of mission... clarity of goals... clarity of plans and clarity of direction... thus they spend no time RUNNING IN CIRCLES... covering the same old ground, over and over. They get ahead, simply because they have CLARITY of Vision... CLARITY of Values... and CLARITY of Roles.

ABSOLUTE CONVICTION: Winners are absolutely CONVINCED that what they are doing is absolutely, unconditionally, the RIGHT things for them to be doing... and find unique new ways to ferret out opportunity every day they are alive. This unwavering CONVICTION gives them absolute self-confidence and self-efficacy which leads to an optimistic view that the future will be better than the past, so that's where they are headed.

ABSOLUTE COMMITMENT: Winners absolutely, unconditionally COMMIT to achieving that which they set out to accomplish. They create High Expectations and Execute Brilliantly. Winners understand the definition of the word "commitment" and keep their PROMISES to themselves and others. They understand that a COMMITMENT is a PLEDGE to DO... to become emotionally... spiritually... legally... mentally... and physically BOUND to action. Winers take ALL their commitments seriously.

PROACTIVE COURAGE: Winners have the COURAGE TO ACT... to take the actions necessary to overcome human inertia and their circumstances — real AND self-imposed — and to make every single minute matter. While they too have a fair amount of good old fear, uncertainty and doubt... they ACT in spite of it... Proactively Engaging their Courage.

We have found that the reason people lose out on ever-present opportunities... lose out in their careers and in their relationships... is that they have become the diametric opposite of Winners: Total lack of CLARITY about their direction and purpose in life... a total lack of CONVICTION about what they are doing and why they are doing it (CONFUSION not CONVICTION rules their lives)... a total lack of COMMITMENT to that which is most important to them... and worse... they are constantly running in circles, chasing after the same old hopes and dreams — month after month... year after year — that they are so stressed-out and burned-out that there is simply no room for good old fashioned COURAGE.

If I am hitting home right now, don't think I am picking on you. I'm sorry if I have hurt your feelings. This isn't my intention.

Getting your attention is my intention.

No sugarcoating it. You have a simple choice.

Release your hidden potential and become a winner...

Or do nothing, and see where you end up.

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