Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do the Gratitude Dance

Do You Do the Gratitude Dance?
by Marjam VaherWhen was the last time you felt grateful for something?

Ok, and the last time you actually expressed your gratitude for something?

Scientific studies show that expressing gratitude on a daily basis literally makes people happier. Gratitude research by McCullough and Emmons revealed that only a small daily dose of gratitude makes you more alert, enthusiastic, determined, optimistic and energetic. Additionally - a grateful person feels less depression and stress, is likely to help others, exercises more regularly and makes more progress toward personal goals. And above all - grateful people are more likely to be loved.

And this ain’t some new age mumbo jumbo folks - this is from scientific studies!

Enter the Gratidudes…

Two guys that call themselves the GratiDudes have taken the whole concept to a higher level. They’re aiming to change the world by helping people to become more grateful with a funny Gratitude Dance. The video has already gained huge popularity in YouTube. The idea is simple - all you need to do is to write down the things you are grateful for, turn on the video and do the dance!

You have to watch it yourself, smiling and laughing is guaranteed! Showing your gratitude can be a lot of fun - and having fun is one of the ingredients of happyness!

Don’t forget to let us know how it worked (and what funny situations you ended up in)!

PS - that’s not all, the guys behind FinerMinds will be launching a new website soon that will give everyone a unique way to express gratitude to the world and to loved one. Check out It’s launching in a few days and this is the first public hint of it on the Internet.

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