Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Postive Self Talk

I checked out the link about self talk that was advertised on my blog (above):
It reminded me of a book I had on Positive Self Talk. I was working with teens who had run away or were having problems, i.e. getting in trouble with the law. I met the author. I will try to find it, but basically he said to take the negative self talk and turn it around. In other words, if you tell yourself you're stupid. Turn it around and say something like "I am an intelligent human being." Preferably, write it down and keep repeating it to yourself until it is ingrained in your being.
The guy on the site recorded it. He says he lost four lbs. just playing the tape every morning while shaving! And he said his wife did too!
What we tell ourselves IS very important. It makes us who we are. SO, erase that negative self talk that is recorded in your head from the time you were born and replace it with POSITIVE SELF TALK.
Your life will change so much, you won't believe the old life was you.

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