Sunday, January 18, 2009

From "Finger Pointing to the Moon

Reflection on the past year
This is a wonderful exercise to do on New Year’s Eve, but you
can do it any time during the year. Spend 45-60 minutes reflecting
on the past year. Specifically make note on the following
pages of:
• Your three most important accomplishments of the past year;
• Your most important joys and sorrows;
• Three things you learned;
• Three people who supported you (and specifically what they did);
• Twenty five ways in which your life is blessed;
• Three gifts or services you gave to others;
• Three things you regret not doing;
• Three pieces of unfinished business.

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cincin said...

What a great exercise. Thank you. "Resolutions" get a lot of bad press but I think when used as a way to reflect and acknowledge what you have, what you've achieved, and to look ahead, they are a great tool. :-)