Thursday, March 12, 2009

Today's TQ - Show Appreciation

Show Appreciation For Others --
Reward Things Done Right...

"Thank You!"

Always keep on hand a ready supply of "Thank You," "Congratulations," and "Good Job" cards. Use them often. You will find that people are more willing to be productive when they feel that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. A well-timed thank you goes a long way.

Reward others with thank you notes. Buy them in bulk and write a couple every week.

"People see the world not as it is, but as they are."~ Al Lee

Coach Sherrie says: That reminds me of a story Rev. Michael told about two people going to a monk and asking what people in their new home town were going to be like. The monk asked what the people in the old home town were like. The first one said, "Oh, they were thoughtless and rude and not very friendly." The monk said you will find these poeple the same.
The second one said, "They were kind and helpful, all around nice people." He told that one that he would find these new people the same too.
The point is that life is what we expect it to be. Try to expect the best in everyone and most likely, that is what you'll get. ;-0

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