Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lisa Dieken's 15 Reasons to Hire A Creativity Coach

15 Reasons to Hire a Creativity Coach

Break through blocks like overwhelm, procrastination, perfectionism, low self-confidence, fear of success (responsibilities, pressure, and expectations associated with success)

Talk with someone who has knowledge of and experience with the creative process and can offer solutions and insight into your process. Learn when difficulties are the creative process itself and not you.

Learn the power of small steps

Reacquaint yourself with your creative mind and child-like spirit

Create a habit to spend more time at creative pursuits

Increase the fun and joy in your life

Find ease in pursuing your dreams

Take steps to make some changes or recreate your life

Cultivate your intuition, inner wisdom and imagination

Learn effective ways to process emotions

Share your ideas

Have compassionate support

Increase self-awareness

Adapt to creativity as a way of living - live creatively

Learn tools and and develop habits that can be used to increase success in all areas of your life!

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