Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ask Dr. Seligman A Question

You may have to join to ask a question. I'm not sure.
Dr. Martin Seligman is the father of positive psychology and an advisor to happier.com.In the national media frequently, Dr. Seligman is a leading commentator on happiness, research on well-being, and the field of positive psychology.
happier.com users have a special opportunity to pose a question to Dr. Seligman.
What would you ask Marty Seligman? (Click on the link to submit your question.)Respond by 5pm Eastern time today for a chance at having your question answered in the earliest round. (It's OK to respond later, but your question will not be considered for this round.)
We'll let you know when to start looking for answers to selections of your questions. Some will be answered in video clips, available in the site. Others will be answered on our blog. (Launching soon, the blog happier insights is written by the team at happier.com and practitioners in the field. For more information on the blog, contact Andrew.)
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Andrew J. Rosenthal said...


Thanks for telling your readers about http://www.happier.com We had a fantastic response to the "ask Dr. Seligman a question" survey. As you guessed, we took questions from everybody, even those who aren't yet members. Some of the questions are going to be answered this morning, and others we'll ask him to address at a later time. If you asked something, look for new blog entries and exercises incorporating the content.


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