Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Transform Your Life

13 Ways to Transform Your Life Lessons
Janice Taylor learned from her own life-changing leap of faith five years ago.
By Janice Taylor
Five years ago, Beliefnet blogger Janice Taylor took a mammoth leap of faith, diving headfirst into the proverbial pool of life. Determined to transform and reinvent her life and herself, she moved from large to small (size 18 to a size 4), from quiet to not-so-quiet, from stage-frightened to spotlight-craving, and from office worker to independent weight loss guru.
Today, Janice is a Life & Wellness Coach, the author of the best-selling "Our Lady of Weight Loss" and "All Is Forgiven, Move On"), a popular Beliefnet blogger, an inspiring motivational speaker, and a columnist. Her success-and the life changes that got her here--got us to wondering. How did Janice take that leap of faith and stick the landing? How did she avoid getting swallowed up by the fear monster and thoughts of failure?
Here, on the fifth anniversary of reinventing herself, Janice shares her secrets.Learn how you can transform your life.Janice Taylor is the author of the "Our Lady of Weight Loss" blog on Beliefnet, and the book, "All is Forgiven, Move On."
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