Monday, December 15, 2008

Reiki, Chakra Work, etc.

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Dear Sherrie,
In this time of celebration, generosity, and love, we wish you and your family the best of the Holiday Season. We send you an abundance of Healing and Blessings, and affirm that all that happens is in the highest and greatest good for all.
May we all receive and acknowledge the Divine in our lives! I will be sending energies that we each receive the gifts our hearts are longing for!


In 2009, Arise will be expanding to include personal development programs and a new blog for more frequent communications.


Love and Blessings,

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When our daughter, Bethany, was 7 years old, we were discussing possible messages for our advertising programs. Her suggestion: "You come to me, you get help!"
Reiki & Energy Work

A simple and gentle form of energy healing, Reiki helps you relax, de-stress, envision a new life, and heal physical, mental and emotional distress. Distance healing. Chakra clearing and balanceing. We think of it as Energy Work 101.
Personal Development

According to DeepakChopra, the #1 trend in society is well-being. Around the world, many thousands of people are embracing new ways to enhance their lives, spend more time with their loved ones and improve the quality of their lives.

I highly reccommend Lorelynn. She has done wonders for me. Get one Integrated Etheric Healing and you can then qualify to have a Growth Etheric. Those are amazing!

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