Monday, December 8, 2008

Nine Ways to Find Peace of Mind
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Nine Ways to Find Peace of Mind
By Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.
We are an anxious fact, we are an anxious world. There is no question that uncertainty seems to have increased dramatically in the last few years. We worry about terrorism. We worry about war. We worry about losing our jobs. We worry about the dangers confronting our children. And on and on and on.This worry is understandable, given the state of the world at the present time, but there is no question in my mind that, with the right tools...All of us can rise above any situation that life hands us. All of us can live a fulfilling life in the middle of the turmoil.All of us can find a sense of peace and purpose.
In my newest book, Embracing Uncertainty, I provide the tools that I have found most effective in helping us see the world in a more life-affirming and powerful way.
Learn how to find peace of mind.
Continued on Slide 2: Un-Set Your Heart » Dr. Susan Jeffers is the author of the self-help classic 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.' This article is adapted from her newest book, 'Embracing Uncertainty: Breakthrough Methods for Achieving Peace of Mind When Facing the Unknown,' (St. Martin's Press). © Susan Jeffers 2003. Visit her website at

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